Our Story

B.G.E. Service & Supply Ltd. (The Filter Shop) was founded in 1968 and is a Canadian family business providing cost effective solutions for difficult filtration applications. We have fully stocked customer service centers across the four Western provinces. Our Manufacturing division in Edmonton provides fast turnaround on special size filters and we have also created some unique filtration products for exceptional environments that our customers deal with everyday.

At The Filter Shop we are challenging the unseen world through quality filtration and service.

Our BioLab Services division was opened in 1986 to provide Indoor Air Quality testing and HEPA filter certification. BioLab technicians are trained and accredited to the rigorous NSF standard for biological containment cabinets. In 1987 we developed our own particle size based filter testing laboratory to ensure quality and guarantee the performance of our products. The laser based particle sampling test procedure has since been adopted by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and is part of their 52.2 testing protocol.Our fully integrated computer software system allows us to provide our clients with product usage, life cycle cost analysis, preventative maintenance programs and complete Building Air Quality (BAQ) management. Our warehouses are integrated for instant response to order inquiries.To many of our customers, from home owners to facility managers, we are simply The Filter Shop with a customer friendly service counter staffed by people dedicated to adding value to our client partners through quality filtration. This unique brand of customer service which includes our own fleet of local delivery trucks to ensure that your filters are delivered right to your door when needed.

Building Air Quality

The Filter Shop’s Building Air Quality (BAQ) Program combines filtration products and services with the design, delivery, measurement and performance of clean air for the comfort and safety of our customers’ people and operations. From measurement to design to delivery; that’s how we provide clean air for the comfort and safety of our clients.

Our Building Air Quality (BAQ) Program combines the best available quality filtration solutions that contribute to our customers’ existing maintenance goals, HVAC system hygiene and monitoring controls.

By providing a full spectrum of clean air solutions that work, that fit and that can be measured and sustained, the benefits that are achieved are listed below:

  • Improved energy savings
  • Protection of costly HVAC capital equipment
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Validation, and measurement for cleanliness, comfort and safety
  • Stewardship in understanding the needs of the customer with a customized filtration solution
  • Worry-free staff resourcing
  • Adherence to industry guidelines and standards including ASHRAE, NAFA, COR, etc.

The Filter Shop has been delivering quality filtration products and services to some of Canada’s best-run buildings for more than 40 years.  It is from our years of experience and the challenging environments we face everyday we have known the importance of supporting a quality filtration design with maintenance best practices.

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Quality Filtration Since 1968