The Filter Shop is committed to a Safety program that protects our employees, property, customers, the public, and the environment. Our goal is a healthy, injury-free workplace. By working together in all aspects of the Safety program, we expect to achieve zero incidents, losses, and injuries. Our Senior Management Team sets an example and provides leadership for the Safety program.

Management ensures that safe work practices are developed through hazard analysis, and that these practices are followed. Management provides proper equipment and training, and also ensures that all employees are familiar with the applicable requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and associated legislation.

Employees at every level are accountable for and recognized for health and safety performance. Active participation is expected by everyone, every day, in every job. Employees are accountable for safe behaviour including reporting all injuries and safety issues, and engaging in the improving of health and safety. We are proud to share the The Filter Shop’s Code of Conduct, and our Commitment to Safety.

We are proud to have COR (Certificate of Recognition) certification. We are also compliant with the following Safety Compliance Programs; ISNetworld, ComplyWorks, ContractorCheck, PICS, CanQual