Waste Management 

The Filter Shop is committed to the development and implementation of a Waste Management/Recycling
program. Our purpose is to create an environment as waste free as possible within our company, and to
set ourselves as a leader in the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste in the filtration industry.

As leaders in quality filtration, we have a direct impact in improving the air quality that we breathe every
day in our workplace and homes. There are several things we are already doing to reduce environmental

  • Some of the products we manufacture and sell have components that are recyclable such as the
    leader on our patented Bio-Pac® filter. We can reuse and recycle up to 70% of the original filter.
  • Other products have screens that are already by-products from another process.
  • In partnership with various recycling companies, we recycle paper, wood, cardboard, plastic and
    metal from our production, warehouse, service and general operations.

It is important to take care of our environment. We encourage the development of new ideas and processes
geared towards. sustainable development.

Sustainable Development

The Filter Shop is committed to the principle of Sustainable Development by recognizing
environmentally sound practices in its operations. The guidelines we have adopted include:

  • Providing a safe work environment for all employees, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Operate our facilities to insure we have minimal impacts on the environment.
  • Seek to increase the use of recycled materials into our raw materials, packaging and
    finished goods.
  • Promote the use of environmentally friendly products that provide longer lasting filtration
    solutions and reduce disposal costs and energy costs.
  • Purchase materials for our own consumption by evaluating the life cycle of the products.
  • Incorporate methods of reducing needless packaging.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and processes by incorporating energy
    saving equipment and practices.
  • Encourage the reduction and recycling of waste materials within our manufacturing
  • Review our progress in adopting policies that will improve our contribution towards
    sustainable development.


The Filter Shop’s commitment to waste reduction, recycling, reuse and recovery is a
part of a sound and socially responsible Health, Safety and Environment Management
System. The Filter Shop promotes sustainability by complying with all applicable laws and regulations,
adopting socially responsible practices and minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

The Filter Shop values towards the environment are reflected in our commitment to:

  • Meet or exceed environmental regulations set by legislation and contractual obligations as
  • Develop and implement measures to encourage sustainable use of materials, resources and
  • Develop awareness, leadership and accountability with respect to environmental protection
    among all our employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders.
  • Attempt to identify and evaluate environmental risk and implement appropriate measures to
    eliminate or control those risks.
  • Ensure all personnel are aware of identified hazards and ensure the appropriate controls in
  • Provide training for the proper handling, storage, use, transport and disposal of all hazardous
  • Work to minimize waste at source and recycle generated waste. Set objectives and targets in
    our Health, Safety and Environment Management system to drive continual improvement of
    environmental performance.
  • Continually improve our environmental practices within our Health, Safety and Environment
    Management system to conserve natural resources and reduce adverse environmental
  • The Filter Shop employees and sub-contractors share in this responsibility and are
    accountable for the successful implementation of this policy. Management is empowered to
    curtail operations, as necessary, to prevent serious environmental impacts.