BioPac® Nano

The BioPac® brand has set the standard for performance, long life, and environmental benefits since we invented it in 1992.

The discovery of new technical medias and NanoWave® processes has moved the BioPac® family into the next generation of performance.

The BioPac® Nano has been tested exhaustively in the field, in our filter testing laboratory and in independent ASHRAE test laboratories and meets MERV 13 & 14.

Environmentally friendly, reusable polypropylene and recyclable steel components can be part of your “green building” program by reducing waste by up to 70%. The BioPac® can help you earn points toward your LEED and BOMA best certification.

Visit any one of our 8 customer service centres throughout the West to learn more about the BioPac® Nano and the other members of our BioPac® family. The Nanotach bag is also available with a standard bag header and NanoWave® media.

BioPac® Nano – Revolutionary industry leading performance and cost benefits.

BioPac® Nano is  a remarkable, high performance filter solution that combines our 20 years of BioPac® diffusion header performance to a patented NanoWave® deep loading pocket. The result is an industry leading, low resistance, durable filter pocket with a high dust holding capacity and a proven long service life.

The BioPac® Nano pocket is naturally rigid and durable. This feature makes the BioPac® Nano ideally suited of HVAC system turbulence while withstanding rough handling during installation and maintenance. The BioPac® Nano is an ideal solution for commercial applications to protect people, processes and HVAC equipment.