The Filter Shop Awarded the BOMA Pinnacle Award in Exceeding Customer Expectations


March 20, 2018 – The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Edmonton announced its annual 33rd annual awards in nine categories of excellence. The Filter Shop is proud to be the recipient of the 2018 Pinnacle Award for “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty”.

According to BOMA’s judging panel, the award is intended to recognize “individuals or companies who have provided a service to a customer that was unexpected, extraordinary, surprising, caring or perhaps even entertaining and outrageous…. The individual or team must demonstrate a high level of customer service while working in the commercial real estate property management industry.”

The award recognizes The Filter Shop’s tremendous commitment to customer needs during the 2017 wildfire season in Interior British Columbia.  During the summer of 2017, the interior area of British Columbia experienced an unprecedented wildfire season which burned the largest total area ever recorded, resulted in the largest number of evacuations, and which created the single largest recorded fire in the province. These fires created a state of emergency in the province and dramatically degraded air quality across Western Canada and the United States. During the emergency, healthcare facilities in locations like 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Coquitlam, and Prince George were under significant operating constraints due to evacuated staff, increased need for medical treatment by residents, supply chain disruptions and threat of destruction by fire.

One major concern was the effects of smoke within healthcare facilities. Wildfire smoke contains particles and contaminants which are both toxic to human health and damaging to equipment and buildings. To effectively remove smoke from indoor air, specialized air filters which contain activated carbon are required. When heavy smoke is present (for example during wildfire season) air filters are “loaded” at a much higher rate than normal and must be changed more frequently. Air filters are a critical tool for protecting building occupants and vital equipment from outdoor contaminants. During the 2017 wild fires, demand for activated carbon filters was enormous. The Filter Shop worked with its partners to increase production, speed up delivery, and streamline distribution in order to ensure the affected regions had an adequate supply of carbon air filters. During this period, fulfilling orders to the healthcare facilities in interior BC were made top priority.

The company showed tremendous expediency in order to meet the extreme time constraints faced by the customers. During the wildfire emergency, manufactured product was able to be distributed to the required areas in mere days, rather than weeks! In order to meet ASAP delivery deadlines for activated carbon air filters, manufacturing and warehouse staff worked overtime, shipments to the affected areas were prioritized, and deliveries were expedited. This required a coordination of nearly all functional areas, and fast turnaround for all orders. A special commendation is deserving to the manufacturing, shipping and Prince George branch departments for their exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction.

This initiative was so effective that one healthcare facility customer remarked: “[The Filter Shop’s] service and help is the best I have seen from any suppler of any product and I have been in this industry for over 34 years. I wish other companies had your high standards of customer satisfaction.”

The Above & Beyond Pinnacle Award is sponsored by Harvard Property.

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