VA7 Overspray Media

VA7 overspray media consists of 3” fiberglass media with a polyester backing, that has both a high removal efficiency and high holding capacity. VA7 media is suited for applications with high levels of particulate and overspray coating.

Paint Pocket

Paint Pocket overspray pads utilize an intricately woven, high loft media that is designed to achieve a long working life in overspray applications. They are specially tailored to multi-stage overspray applications. The media features a diamond pocket that captures high levels of overspray to maximize filter performance.

AmerSeal Cube

AmerSeal Cubes utilize a self-sealing design to provide extra support in systems with volatile airflow. The pocket filter design also allows for increased media area, which creates lower air resistance and a much longer life than standard overspray filters. This translates to cost savings through reduced order frequency and reduced booth downtime for filter changes. AmerSeal Cubes are available in a single or double pocket design.

FrontLine Paint Arrestor

FrontLine Paint Arrestor pads are designed with progressive density media. This special construction eliminates face loading by allowing dust particles to be captured throughout the entire thickness, increasing arrestance and dust holding capacity. The FrontLine Paint Arrestor pads’ high compression strength enables the media to maintain its full thickness without collapsing, which permits air to flow freely through the filter with a gradual rise in resistance. A progressive density fiberglass media with high compression strength enables depth-loading to achieve maximum retention of particulate. FrontLine Paint Arrestor Pads are designed exclusively for overspray applications.

The media pads are available in three grades:

  • Standard (Green) medium loading conditions,
  • Commercial (Yellow) medium-to-heavy loading conditions
  • Industrial (Red) extra heavy loading conditions

FrontLine Paint Arrestor pads are designed exclusively for overspray applications and are  UL 900 Classified.