Super High Capacity Molded Notch

The Gates Super HC Molded Notch Belt is designed for use in high temperature HVAC environments. Its notched, narrow design is specially formatted for heavy duty usage.

Polyflex® JB® Belt

The Gates Polyflex® JB® Belt is a light duty V-Belt designed to eliminate belt flipping and turning during use in blower drives and other equipment. Design features enabling superior stability include: a joined belt construction, ribbed backing, and construction with a high modulus polyurethane material. Polyflex® JB® Belts are available in 3M, 5M, 7M, and 11M cross sections.

Trueflex® V-Belt

The Gates Truflex® V-Belt is designed for use in light industrial applications with fractional horsepower motors. Its curved design helps to support full-contact for uniform wear across the belt surface to maximize overall life. The Truflex® belt design is also formulated to distribute stress evenly through the belt via Flex-Weave® technology; which uses flex-bonded cords in the belt body. Truflex® belts are offered in cross sections: 2L (0), 3L (1), 4L (2), 5L (3).