Bag Collectors


The ArrestAll® from American Air Filter is a self-contained shaker-type fabric dust collector that removes over 99% of general industrial dusts by weight. The ArrestAll® is economical to operate, simple to maintain, and requires minimum floor space. Designed to serve a single source or a system of multiple sources, it saves energy by recirculating clean air.

The ArrestAll® has been engineered for years of efficient service in such intermittent applications as woodworking, grinding, polishing, packaging and venting with reliable off-line cleaning. It is available in modular configurations for almost unlimited airflow capacities. Choose from bin vent, flat bottom, or funnel bottom dust disposal arrangements, with either standard or extra wide pocket spacing.

FabriPulse® M

The FabriPulse® M pulse-jet fabric dust collector meets the needs of industrial dust collection applications that have low air volume and require small, compact filter sizes. It is engineered to give years of efficient service and minimum downtime for continuous operation.

This design M collector is built with rugged 12-gauge construction and efficient pulse-jet reconditioning. The bag cartridge assembly consists of four or six foot long bags made from fine denier polyester media. This premium quality fabric enables a 99+% collection efficiency, high operating air-to-cloth ratio (up to 8:1), and excellent dust cake release at minimum pressure loss. Normally, less than 1.0 SCFM of clean, dry compressed air will be required for each 1,000 cubic feet per minute of dust-laden air, with pressure drop ranging from 3″ to 6″ w.g. The FabriPulse® M is available with an optional integral fan and/or final filter, as well as bin vent models for bins and silos.


The Millennium® by American Air Filter is a versatile, high-performance dust collector that has been designed to meet the needs of most industrial applications. The Millennium® offers a flexible design that reduces freight and erection costs, fits tight quarters, and is easy to install and service. Available in two sizes, the self-cleaning modules can accommodate up to 144 fabric bags each, at bag lengths of 8, 10, 12, or 14 feet. Since the Millennium is modular in design, there is almost no limit to the size of the collector.

Common optional features available with the Millennium® include pleated bags, pressure demand cleaning, NEMA 9 controls, explosion vents, inlet adaptor plates, a walk-in plenum, high temperature options, and various ancillary components.