The Filter Shop at B.G.E. provides a wide range of services to our clients throughout Western Canada.

Field Services

New system installations

Whether your processes have changed or you are looking to expand your footprint.  The trained service technicians at The Filter Shop can help you select and install air-handling systems that will provide the best filtration for your environment.  We will partner with your staff and engineers to design and deliver the best quality of air while considering energy costs, physical footprint, ease of maintenance and overall cost.

System retrofits

You are managing an older building and the old Roll-O-Matic systems just aren’t working. It is cumbersome to change the rolls and the equipment keeps breaking down. Our trained technicians have completed countless retrofits to improve air quality, ease of maintenance and improved integrity to air handling systems.  Retrofits come in many different shapes and sizes but what we guarantee is an improved result that makes it easier to maintain and provides better and clean air.


Trying to get all the work done with the resources you have can be challenging.  Do you need a some spring cleaning of your filter frames or your mechanical room?  How about some coil cleaning?  By cleaning your coils you can immediately see improvements in overall operating efficiency of your air handling system.  Let the experts at The Filter Shop help you with these extra projects when you are short on resources.

Biolab Duct Cleaning

Certified by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association), our duct cleaning crew has the experiences and expertise working on industrial sites providing borescope assessment of before and after, and actual duct cleaning.  We work around your schedule to limit the disruption of your operations. As of Fall 2013, we can provide Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning as well.

Filter Efficiency Testing

Selling you a filter is one thing, making sure that it is working effectively is another. We want to make sure that the filters are doing their job so we have several ways of verifying performance and efficiency in situ.  Our laser based particle counters can be brought to your site to count particle upstream and downstream of your filter bank to ensure that the filters are meeting the efficiency you require.

Filter Life Analysis

The cost of changing out an entire filter bank of bag filters or final filters can bootstrap your maintenance budget so it is important to do it only as required. Our trained technicians would take your used final filter back to our BioLab Test lab to test duct. We can measure particle efficiency and static pressure to let you know if it is the right time to change those filters. When replacement time comes, use the BioPac filters and we will reduce your landfill costs by reusing the BioPac headers.

Indoor Air Quality and Performance Monitoring

Have you had some water damage? Just completed a renovation? Are some of your tenants concerned about sick buildings syndrome? We have partnered with Aircuity to monitor the overall indoor air quality. Schedule an IAQ monitoring test today and one of our experience Filter Shop account manager’s can arrange to have your specific area of concern tested.

We can measure temperature, dewpoint, carbon dioxide and monoxide levels, total VOCs, volume of airborne particulates and even the presence of mold. All of this information is gathered into a detailed report. Based on the results we can discuss if there are any issues that need to be addressed and formulate an action plan to deliver clean air to your space.

Specialized Filtration Equipment

Every business is unique and our job is to ensure that you have the right clean air conditions so you can have the most productive environment. Our years of experience and our strong partnerships allow us to provide you with a diverse array of specialized equipment to meet your needs. From dust collection, corrosion control, gas turbine intakes, etc. let us help you achieve Clean Air Everywhere.

Odour and Corrosion Control

We’ve always known that the business of clean air is a dirty job.  Almost nothing is dirtier than changing out chemical media once its life is spent.  We are happy to take on the dirty work to ensure that we remove and dispose all spent-media properly and safely.  All plenums are cleaned and all modules and tracking are repaired before we install new chemical media.

Educational Services

At The Filter Shop we believe that is important for clients to understand the principles and the importance of air filtration for people, places and processes. The Filter Shop provides Clean Air Clinics, Lunch and Learn seminars and facility tours. the more educated you can be, the more equipped you are to make clean air decisions needed for your business.

Clean Air Clinic

The Clean Air Clinic is a proprietary course delivered to The Filter Shop customers and employees in order to educate them about our philosophy for clean air. These courses are typically delivered in one or two days and they give those in attendance the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of air filtration and to discuss their clean air needs. Contact us today and we will be happy to arrange a Clean Air Clinic for your team at your location or ours

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learns are condensed, into two-hour versions of the Clean Air Clinic. These sessions bring small groups together to explore filtration trends, products and services. Upon request, the Lunch and Learns can be geared towards each customer’s specific environmental requirements.

Facility Tours

The Filter Shop’s Edmonton location provides tours for customers who are interested in learning about The Filter Shop’s approach to filtration, our own manufacturing plant located right here in Western Canada.